Court statement

Today we go to court for removing a sword from a Cross at a war memorial and beating it into a hoe on a homemade anvil.

There have been many insults and false accusations leveled at us.

One is that we are insulting soldiers. This is untrue. We are all from families who have lost relatives in wars since WW1. We recognise veterans have paid a far greater price than those who sent them off to war. We wholeheartedly support helping veterans who have PTSD and other problems. To recognise some wars as wrong is not to insult soldiers. To send them to these wars and lie to them is to insult them.

We have also been called religious fanatics like ISIS for removing the sword form the Cross. The opposite is true. Those who would unite the sword (violence) and religion are the religious fanatics.  We wish to remove the religious justification for killing.

We have offered to raise the money to pay for further repairs to the stone cross .We are happy to do this as long as there is no further desecration of the cross with the sword.

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